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Mud Telnet

This is the full revision history of MudTelnet, latest frist:

Version/release Bugs fixed Features added Details
V1.03 Rel 1 YES YES Fixed a bug in the file loading routines which didn't close() files! Doh! Added "seeoutput" option functionality.
V1.02 Rel 1 YES YES Fixed a bug causing hangs when child script processes are killed (sometimes). Added "debug=onscreen" feature with prefix and postfix output.
V1.01 Rel 1 NO YES Added "trigger tags" capability (maxtimes=X, matchstop, etc). Added piping for child script stderr.
V1.00 Rel 4 YES NO Script termination causes telnet to receive multiple 0 byte transmissions before script termination is instigated. This upsets the telnet ring buffers. Now ignoring 0 byte transmissions.
V1.00 Rel 3 YES NO Script termination caused mudtelnet to stop accepting input from the TTY.
V1.00 Rel 2 YES NO Buffer overrun error fixed. Occasional crashs stopped.
V1.00 Rel 1 N/A N/A Original release.

Planned changes

1. Allow the maximum number of concurrencies for a script to be specified. This would mean you can specify that a given script shall only be run if a certain number of instances of the same script are not already running. This is useful for scripts which you don't want to run 2 of at the same time!!

2. Add capability to specify that VT102 and telnet codes are stripped out of input before sending it onto scripts.

3. Change I/O characteristics wih child processes to be non blocking.

Known bugs still in the latest release:

A sleeping script can cause mudtelnet to hang (due to nonblocking I/O operations on child pipes). In other words, if your script does a sleep(100) or something, ands stops reading input, mudtelnet will quickly hang trying to send the script information from the MUD!