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Mortal Realms character rolling

When you create your character on MR it offers you random stats (within a range) for your strength, dexterity, wisdom, etc. You can reroll your stats as many times as you like, but probability dictates that you will probably have to roll over 1,500 times before you will get a character with the maximum stats!

Solution: Automatic character rolling scripts, like the one explained on this page.

Use the MR character rolling script (written in perl) according to the instructions below and it will reroll thousands of times if necessary until you get the best possible character stats.

Authors note: This isn't cheating at all, you could after all do this by hand, it would just take much longer! It's a time saving script!

Instructions for use

First, as per any other script (see HOWTO), put the script in your "scripts" directory (in the .mudtelnet/MudName/CharName directory). You will most likely need to set it executable, which you cam can do with the following command:
        chmod 755
Now you need to set a trigger to start the script, so edit your "triggers.txt" file and add a line like the following:
        see "Choosing a name is one of the most important" exec
"" maxtimes=1
The "Choosing a name is one of the most important" text appears after you select "NEW" as your character name, meaning that you want to create a new character, so this is a sensible trigger to run the script from.

Now, start mudtelnet and go through the character creation process. You will have to select NEW at the login prompt, then enter a character name, a password twice, select your terminal type, gender, race and class. After you select your class the rerolling bit is next, so if everthing is ok you should see your stats, and they are probably rapidly changing as your script selects to have them rerolled again and again! This looks like this if you selected ANSI as your terminal type:

Stats for Murk the Orc Ranger:

Str: 13    Dex: 13    Int: 10    Wis: 14    Con: 14

Average of Stats : 12.8   The normal average is 13.0
Languages Known: Gnome Orc Ogre

You may choose a new race and class by entering 'C'.

Do you wish to keep this character?  (Return rerolls, 'Y' keeps):

You will see the numbers in yellow and the average in white fickering up and down while the rolling takes place.

Once you hit a max the script will accept it, and you will be presented with the "Press return to continue" prompt. Hit return and you will enter the game!!

The maximum average is 15.0 for most races but 15.2 for a Gnome, an Aviaran, an Gith or a Troll. The script knows this and will roll for the maximum possible. If however MR changes this you will need to adjust the script slightly, below the comment line which says "Variables".