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Mud Telnet

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1.What is "mudtelnet"?
2.Is it for me?
3.Is my OS supported?
4.What features does it have?
5.Is it better than tintin?
6.Who wrote it?
7.How to I report bugs?
8.How do I suggest improvements?
9.How do I configure it?
10.How can I get more help?
11.Why isn't my script working??

What is "mudtelnet"?

MudTelnet is a mud client. It is very similar to UNIX telnet, but it has some of the features of todays mud clients which we are used to (such as triggers) which telnet lacks.

Is it for me?

Fundamentally, if you like telnet for being excellent at what it is but can't live without triggers and scripting, then this definitely is for you!

Since mudtelnet is based on telnet it enjoys all the advantages of telnet but with the extra added features you want!

Is my operating system supported?

Currently, only UNIX is directly supported, a competent UNIX systems administrator should be able to make it work on most UNIX types. HOWEVER, if you download Cygwin you can also run it with Windows!
What features does it have?

Triggers A simple "see" X and send Y system.
Scripts You can write a script to respond to mud output and send back commands (like a trigger). Scripts can be written in anything that can compile or be interpretted independantly (so that means you can write scripts in Perl, C, C++, shell and almost endless other languages).
Recording Automatic archive of everything you see.. for later play back!

Is it better than tintin?

I could not possibly comment! What ever mud client you usually use though, if you should try this one, i would be very interested in your feedback!

Who wrote it?

The original telnet is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California. The mudtelnet extensions have been added by ITechSC. Please see the Copyright notice which includes articles from the Regents of the University of California and ITechSC.

How do I report bugs?

Please send email to and remember to say which version you have, what operating system you are using and what the problem is. If mudtelnet actually crashs, please send a description (as best you can, if you can) of what was happening at the time and attach the core file if one is generated... not that there are any bugs in it of course...

How do I suggest improvements?

Please send email to and provide a description of what you would like to see.

How do I configure it?

Please see the HOW TO web page.

Why isn't my script working?

1. Do you have a ".mudtelnet" directory in your home?
2. Do you have a MUD directory inside that?
3. Do you have a CHAR directory inside that?
4. Do you have a "scripts" directory in your CHAR directory?
5. Do you have a "triggers.txt" file in your CHAR directory?
6. Does the "triggers.txt" file have a line like this: see "X" exec "Y"
7. Have you actually included the double quotes, like above?
8. Is Y (above) the name of a file in your "scripts" directory?
9. Is the file "scripts/Y" executable?

If you've done all the above, make sure that mudtelnet is actually seeing the text required to trigger the script...

Use the "ps" command to see if the script is running. The usage of "ps" varies from UNIX to UNIX.

How can I get more help?

Please try using the mudtelnet mailing lists. Subscribe to the mudtelnet-users list, post your quesion, maybe someone will be able to help you.