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Mud Telnet

Please select to download the source, or the binaries for the operating system of your choice:

Version 1.03 REL 1 (latest release 28/04/2001)
Source: TAR.GZ ZIP
Linux binaries: TAR.GZ ZIP
Cygwin binaries: TAR.GZ ZIP

NOTE: If you use the Cygwin binaries this should let you run the mud client in Windows, it's only tested under Windows 2000 though. You must download and install Cygwin BEFORE you can use these binaries though.

Remember to read the copyright notice before you use mudtelnet.

If you need help, try the FAQ or join the mudtelnet-users mailing list.

You are strongly advised to use the latest release, but for your convenience the revision history is provided for your perusal so you can see what your missing out on, or what bugs you are living with! A list of known bugs in the current latest release (if any) is also available there.

Credit where credit is due! Listed in the credits are some users of particular note!