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Mud Telnet

What it is and why

MudTelnet is telnet, but with MUD client features! MudTelnet has been created because of the lack of just such a client. MudTelnet does not interfere with display at all, and like telnet, it is a superb piece of software for using to connect to a remove network service, but it has triggers, scripts and recording facilities, all those MUD essentials!

Most MUD clients are not ideal for the situation where the server has an excellent display of its own to offer, traditional MUD clients are very good at making the average MUD more usable, but often, there are conflicts if the server has its own advanced display techniques. For example, Mortal Realms has a very advanced VT102 display, MudTelnet is ideal for this type of MUD.

One of the really nice features of this mud client is the script capabilities. You can actually add scripts to mudtelnet in almost any language... that means perl and shell for starters, but also c, c++! To discover how this works.. read on!

Try it!

If you think MudTelnet is for you, try it! See the HOW TO to learn how to use it, and if you get stuck, try joining the mudtelnet-users mailing list where you may find other people can help you with your problem.

Feed back

Any feedback about MudTelnet or the web site is very welcome, please email if you want to contribute in this way. Thankyou!