The Shartak UBER MAP project

This is the current map of Shartak, contributed to by the players.

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Explore the outsider cities York, Durham and Derby, native camps Dalpok, Raktam and Wiksik and the pirate shipwreck. Explore the mountain walkway (a narrow jungle pathway to be found by ascending the mountain).

About the project

If you are using the Firefox web browser you can join the project! All you have to do is install GreaseMonkey if you don't already have it, and start using the GreaseMonkey Shartak UBER MAP user script.

What this script does is send some information about the squares you see on your screen to the web server. The web server records the information in a database, and every 20 minutes the data is used to render the map you see above (the 15X zoomed map is rendered hourly).

The information sent is the description you see in the squares ("Jungle", "Beach" or the name of a city/camp for example) and some information about the square (specifically the class attribute from the HTML) which has the density information and details the presence of a tree/bush or a hut. Huts and trees are plotted on the 15X (dont access this with Firefox unless you have 512Mb RAM or more) and 9X maps. The class information may have other data too, but that's what i've come across.

For this to work you need a GPS unit and it must have a signal, only then will the server record data from the script. Without the GPS there is no way to know where you are and therefore how to place your data on the map!

It might be interesting to capture more data later, but there may be inherent privacy issues.

If you do not have Firefox, but want to join the project, click the image below.

If you do not have Grease Monkey, click the image below.

Other images

Click on the images to see then full size.

This is an "time faded" version of the map, created by fading the colours as the age of the data is greater. Recently mapped areas show brightly, as on the image at the top of the page, but areas mapped 3 weeks ago are faded almost to black.
This is an "age colourized" version of the map, a little like the one above, except that that colours are used to depict the time since the data was last recorded for a given area.
This is the map of the mountain ledge / pathway. There is also a 5X sized version, or you can see the map using the Ubermap map rover.